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MCLA Full Game Video and More

Full SELC game and a west coast highlight package.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, NC State won 13-6 to improve to 5-1. George Washington is 2-5.

This game occurred last month so let’s discuss something else.

Depending upon your program, there’s a better chance you’ll play in more major stadiums as an MCLA athlete than as a D2 or D3 athlete. Consider that from 2009-2010, Pitt played in the football stadium at Miami (OH), Boston College, and West Virginia. Were they empty buildings? Yes. Are the NFL stadiums empty for the D2 and D3 game? They certainly aren’t full.

Cal is currently 3-4. They defeated NCAA D2 Notre Dame deNamur 17-7 in a scrimmage this weekend. Will more NCAA teams surface on the west coast or will NDNU join the MCLA like Dominican?

Did you see LaxPower’s Rankings from yesterday?

3 Responses to “MCLA Full Game Video and More”

  1. Claude Lyneis

    OK, so it took me a while to edit! Thanks for posting anyway. bhsvideodad.
    WCLL looks like CAL Poly, Sonoma, Dominican, CAL –Stanford I can’t decide. They looked good taking down Oregon on Monday. Just starting to edit that. bhsvideodad


  2. Claude Lyneis

    Hard to know what is up with NDNU. Both CAL and Oregon beat them easily. Meanwhile, Dominican is doing pretty well in the MCLA WCLL. For NDNU, can you be NCAA D2 and not play in a conference? Just wondering.



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