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3 Exercise Strategies that will Make You a Better Midfielder

The midfield consists of horses. Are you a thoroughbred?

Back with more fitness tips from Arsenal Strength:

I’d like to welcome Andrew McCrumb as a contributor to Arsenal Strength. Andrew is a native of Baltimore, MD and a graduate of Stevenson University. While at Stevenson, Andrew, was named an All-American defensive midfielder and a captain his senior year. Andrew is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the current Strength and Conditioning specialist at Old Mill High School, and the Operations Manager at East Coast Dyes.

Make sure to follow him on Instagram @COACH_CRUMB


Playing both offense and defense demands high levels of agility. Efficiently cutting from side to side is a requirement of a midfielder at any level of lacrosse, yet is the aspect of training that is often most overlooked. Lateral strength exercises can improve your agility and can help give you the edge over your opponent. The exercises include banded lateral walks, lateral jumps, lateral box jumps, and the kettlebell lateral lunge. Volume of these exercises doesn’t have to be high, so add two or three of these movements at the end of your workout session for 12-15 reps to experience benefits in your lateral agility.

Full article at Arsenal Strength.

For lacrosse specific workout plans, visit AR Performance powered by Arsenal Strength.

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