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Backside Jump Shots and Pump Fakes to Backhands

And, why you shouldn’t shoot high to low jump shots inside.

Backside Jump Shots

This drill is something we borrowed from a Big 4 practice. Instead of having a dodge up and moving the ball through the backside using three players, we reduced the drill to two players. Something that makes a little more sense for a shooting clinic environment, but not as beneficial for a team that could use the passing reps of a three person drill.

Keys to this shot:

1) Running as fast as you. We shoot harder at full speed than at 75%. Also the only way we can pull away from a defender to shoot with our hands free. If you run at 75% and take a jump shot, a mean spirited defenseman will catch you in the air and there will be an RKO out of nowhere. Why take that chance?

2) Elevating off the inside foot.

3) Shooting with hands at your shoulders or higher.

4) Shooting for the hips and up. Shooting a jump shot high to low inside increases the distance the ball has to travel which gives the goalie time to make a save.

Pump Fakes to Backhands

A very sneaky move if you’re comfortable, really comfortable, having the ball in your stick. The hope is that the pump fake of the jump shot convinces the on ball defender to turn around to see the result of the shot or at the very least to freeze thus allowing you to immediately begin the backhand.

Keys to this shot:

1) Be committed to the jump shot. The pump fake won’t work if you don’t sell it 100%.

2) Gather yourself when you land and take a step away like you would a normal question mark shot. We don’t want to land and fire.

3) Take a peak as to where you are on the field. Coming down from the jump shot can be a little disorientating.

Shooting begins at 3:38 if you don’t want to listen to the jump shot drill install. Pump fakes to backhand shooting begins at 8:25.

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