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Mini MCLA Poll Recap

Better. Closer. Warmer. Than Week 2.

1. Colorado (24)
2. Arizona State
3. Colorado State (1)
4. Cal Poly
5. BYU
6. Chapman
7. Grand Canyon
8. Arizona
9. Virginia Tech
10. Boston College
11. Oregon State
12. Michigan State
13. Sonoma State
14. Georgia Tech
15. Dominican
16. Liberty
17. Westminster
18. San Diego State
19. Duluth
20. Simon Fraser
21. Northeastern
22. Florida State
23. UCLA
24. UNLV
25. Minnesota

Two reasons to move the vote deadline to Tuesday:

1) Teams play games on Monday. The results of those games do not help or hurt teams in the weekly poll. Some voters may forget to include those games in their decision making in next week’s poll. This Monday was an especially jammed packed slate with Michigan State, Grand Canyon, Westminster, Cal Poly, Texas State, and Virginia Tech playing.

2) Coaches travel long distances on Sunday and may not have enough time Sunday night or Monday morning to make informed decisions prior to the deadline. Voters had access to game film on many of the top teams in the country thanks to Southwestern Lacrosse Conference’s YouTube. This could have been the most accurate poll in the history of the league, but voters simply didn’t have enough time to watch 14 hours of footage, prepare for their games, and travel prior to Monday.

Three problems with this week’s poll

1. Whoever decided to give MSU a first place vote has switched allegiances to the green and gold of CSU. Which would be fine if this was last week’s poll and CSU hadn’t lost by 3 to #2 Arizona State on Sunday.

2. Dominican’s 13-11 win over Westminster was good enough to move them to 15th in the country. Voters must be really impressed by their 14-12 win over Sonoma State and 17-16 loss to Simon Fraser. Dominican like Simon Fraser is trotting out an 18 man roster. They’re not built to survive a weekend against top tier competition. They belong in the 20-25 range at best.

3. Prior to this weekend Minnesota was ranked 24th with wins over St. Cloud State, Winona, Iowa, Miami (OH), and Iowa State. Those teams have combined for a 7-12 record. Three teams are 0-2. Four teams have losing records. D2 Winona has scored 10 goals in two games and allowed 42 goals. Iowa State has scored 5 goals in two games and allowed 37 goals. St. Cloud State has scored 2 goals in two games and allowed 42.

This weekend they lost to then #8 BYU 21-9, then #19 San Diego State 7-6, and then #9 Arizona 10-9. All competitive scores on paper. Circling back to the notion of giving voters an extra day to determine polls, how many voters took the time to examine box scores? Do you think they know BYU was winning 19-2 before the subs came in? Losing 21-9 is a much different score when 7 of the goals were scored on back ups. (Not sure anyone wants to get in the Cougars way after that early season loss to SDSU.) Three losses in a weekend should be enough to drop the 24th team out of the top 25.

You know who else doesn’t have any significant wins on their schedule? UCSB. You know who was dropped from the top 25 as a result of their futility? UCSB.

Of course, UCSB, Oregon, and Texas not being ranked makes room for newcomers like Minnesota, UNLV, and UCLA at the bottom. Someone has to fill out that potion of the poll. That doesn’t mean that someone is Minnesota. Not after getting wrecked 19-2 in three quarters against the #8 team and having zero wins of merit on their resume.

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