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MCLA Recap

The weekend that was in Club Life.

How good is Arizona State? After a terrible showing against a marginal D3 team, Arizona State’s 2015 season looked over before it started. The Sun Devils have since rattled off their first four games including a 10-7 win over Cal Poly on the back end of a double header. Wins over Cal and Stanford are nothing to write home about and the 9-7 win over UCSB is losing significance by the moment as the Gauchos lost to UCLA on Sunday. But, ASU has an insane weekend coming up with Colorado and Colorado State visiting Phoenix. We’ll know more this time next week.

In exciting MCLA D2 action, check out our preseason poll if you missed it, Elon upset St. John’s Saturday evening then lost a one goal game to North Dakota State 12.5 hours later. #ClubLife How far will Elon climb? How far will St. John’s fall? More likely a case of St. John’s being overrated or Elon being underrated? We know this now, no one will want to play Elon in the first round of the tournament should they advance to California.

Depending upon how you voted in last week’s poll, many LSA teams leveled off this weekend. LSU (37 points in last week’s poll) got roughed up in Florida losing to Central Florida (10-7) then Florida State (18-10). Texas State crushed Oklahoma 14-5. Texas A&M (7 points in last week’s poll) lost 14-11 to Southern Methodist. All for getting new blood into the top 25, but get a grip on LSA teams. The second weakest conference in the country should not have 7 teams in the top 25.

Arizona topped Chapman 6-5. The game was webcast by the SLC and called by Chris Marshall and Chris Malone. Tough weekend for announcers calling their alma mater’s games. A combination of an impotent Chapman offense (0 for 7 man up) and a hot goalie Tanner Knego (14 saves) resulted in the upset for the Cats. Chapman has struggled to score goals all year though. (Reoccurring theme in this week’s recap.) Considering their scrimmage loss to Concordia and one goal victory over Sonoma State, Chapman might be out of the top 10 in this week’s poll. Unless voters don’t want to punish a D1 team for losing to a D2 team in a scrimmage.

Colorado and Colorado State held serve against Boston College. The Eagles lost 14-9 to Colorado and 8-4 to CSU. This time last year we were discussing the possibilities of Boston College going undefeated the rest of the way and earning a top 4 seed. They took nearly a month off from a successful west coast trip only to lose to Northeastern and dash those dreams. The 2015 Eagles team will get to right the ship tonight against Utah Valley. Michigan State, Georgia Tech, and the potential PCLL upset bid remain on the schedule. Last year was Boston College’s chance to be special.

Incredibly dark times for UCSB. Losses to Arizona State and UCLA dropped their record to 1-5. This team can’t score goals (27 in 6 games). What happened in Santa Barbara? UCSB has to be out of the top 25 this week. In which case we ask the same question we asked last week, when was the last time UCSB wasn’t ranked?

Equally dark times for Oregon. They lost to Boise State and Westminster. Their offense hasn’t shown up either (23 in 4 games).

Michigan State beat Purdue by one goal.

412 Top 25

1. Colorado
2. Arizona State
3. Colorado State
$. Grand Canyon
5. Michigan State
6. Chapman
7. BYU
8. Boston College
9. Cal Poly
10. Virginia Tech
11. Arizona
12. Westminster
13. Sonoma State
14. Simon Fraser
15. Liberty
16. Duluth
17. Oregon State
18. Georgia Tech
19. Northeastern
20. San Diego State
21. Florida State
22. UNLV
23. Minnesota
24. Davenport
25. Indiana

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