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IG Chalk Talk: 132 Hand Off Sweep to Back Side Mumbo

When in doubt, do what Georgetown Prep does, and add a mumbo.

It took me 38 seconds to draw this up because it features staples of offense I already use in other looks. This has not been used on the field yet.

#1 takes a few steps into his dodge, splitting right to left before throwing to #3, #1 continues to the middle of the field and replaces #3 as #3 is sweeping

The goal is for #1 to create room for #3 to go to the net himself or find #4 coming up the screen from #2

The timing of the mumbo must be such that #3 is still on the near side of the field when #4 is popping off, #3 can immediately make that cross field look or continue to press the initial dodge

Now if you want to make it more of a hand off look, likely picking #3’s man, have #1 dodge right at #3 and run #3 right at #1, they can either make a 5 yard pass or flip either way the intersection of #1 and #3 creates a momentary two man game challenging the communication of the on and off ball defenders

#5 and #6 exchange to help keep their men occupied and get into the goalie’s vision

If the mumbo isn’t there and the sweep doesn’t develop, #3 can carry up to replace #1 and you’re back in you 132 or #3 can pass to #4 and you can redodge the backside assuming #4 is a capable dodger and not just a shooter

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