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Highlights: Ohio Wesleyan 10 Otterbein 7

The first 44 seconds are a little rough production wise, but the D3 action picks up nicely after the opening moments.

  • 1:33 Hellfire missile from #2 Brendan Bouchard
  • 1:57 super crafty goose by #4 John Griffin
  • 2:02 pump fake, roll dodge, low to high to the near pipe, stare down from #3 Marcus Dietz, far more difficult to execute than to describe
  • 2:44 little body weight shift from #30 goalie Ryan McMahon to help ease the outlet pass home
  • 2:50 #14bombsquad
  • 3:12 is the member of the bench mob riding his long pole like a horse?
  • 3:20 another blast from #8 Kyle Foster followed by Marcus Holman’s patent pending finger point
  • Otterbein’s Robbie Guiliano tallied 5 goals

Most frustrating Vine experience to date. Pretty much a death sentence on framing if the camera pans more than once.

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