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Step Down Shooting Footwork

Borrowed from a Big 4 drill.

Footage from Sunday’s Invite Only Scoring Academy. Here we’re trying to teach players the proper footwork for a step down shot.

Right foot behind your left foot as the ball is in the air so you can catch and release the shot with your next step. The faster we get the ball on top of the goalie the better chance we have of scoring.

Footwork wise, the athlete with the white reversible and black helmet/baby blue visor is the best example to watch in the video. On some occasions, we’d like to get his back foot going a little sooner. We certainly have to develop/break some habits in all of these shooters. This video review will certainly help. The middle school lefties of course looked a little better on their side of the field.

Get yourself an iPad and starting filming everything.

Nice to have athletes from West Virginia, North Allegheny, Pine Richland, Hampton, and Seneca Valley at our first Invite Only Scoring Academy.

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