New Website and Podcast Arrives January 2018

American Revolution Performance Powered by Arsenal Strength

Personalized speed and strength programming for lacrosse players built by lacrosse players.

Why should you be as fast and as strong as possible?

Speed smokes defensemen, speed erases attackmen, speed changes the course of a game

Being physically fit allows you to dominate, not just survive, the spring school season and summer club season

Competition for college roster spots is fiercer than ever, you only get one spring 2015 season, you only get one summer 2015 season

As fierce as the competition is, not everyone is willing to do the hard work that is necessary to achieve greatness, you will have a distinct advantage over your peers if you’re simply willing to do the work in the weight room.

Improving speed and strength is very possible with intentional training from American Revolution Performance Powered by Arsenal Strength.

More information and registration here.

Arsenal Strength is lead by head coach Brooks Difiore. Brooks is a graduate of Stevenson University, a USAW sports performance coach, and holds a CF-L1 certificate. During his time at Stevenson, the Mustangs made three NCAA Final Four appearances and had a record of 72 wins and 12 losses.

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