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Habits for a Great 2015 Season

Not all of these are lacrosse specific habits but they will help your lacrosse game.

Write your goals down every morning and in the evening before you go to bed.
If you don’t know what you’re working towards, how can you track your progress?

Make sure your goals are big enough to force you to deliver 100% effort every day. There’s a big difference between being a starter and being all conference. You can take a day off here or there and still be a starter. It’s much harder to take a day off if you want to earn a post season accolade.

If your goal is get a 3.0 GPA that means somewhere during the semester you don’t have to study as hard for test. You’re more likely to watch television for eight hours on a Sunday if you’re not chasing a 4.0 GPA.

Would you rather not reach a really high goal or not reach a mediocre goal?

Open your mouth everyday at practice. Regardless of whether you are a freshman or senior, captain or first year player. Encourage your teammates when things aren’t going well in a drill. Celebrate with your teammates when things are going well. Don’t just lead by example. Don’t be shy.

Use YouTube a resource for film, not for watching Kroll Show clips

YouTube is free. You can watch game film, instructional videos, or highlight tapes to increase your IQ and experience without having to spend energy actually playing.

Another way to use highlight tapes is compare current commits to your own game. This is what a 2017 ACC attackman looks like. This is what a 2016 Patrio League middie looks like.

Stop Drinking Soda/Pop

Eat right in general. Treat food as a fuel. You’re an athlete. Don’t put things in your body that hurt performance.

Think about the mental advantage you’d give yourself going into a game knowing the attackman you were assigned to cover had not been eating well all week.

Go to bed by 10pm, get up by 6:30AM

This gives you 8.5 hours of sleep and still gives you extra time in the morning before school to review school notes, crush a little stick work before showering, or watch film.

Think about adding an extra 30 minutes to your day.  You’d give yourself an extra 150 minutes per week and an extra 600 minutes a month for development.

Don’t look at your phone or computer 30 minutes before bed.
Putting your phone in another room won’t tempt you to use it before bed. At the very least, put your phone away from your bed so have to get out of your bed at 6:30 to shut the alarm. This article from a website I’ve never heard of before a Google search provides an even darker reason to avoid your phone before bed. Again, think about the mental advantage of being in the 4th quarter knowing you weren’t starring at Twitter until midnight the night before.

Read a book instead.
Mentioned this in a previous post:

All great leaders have one thing in common: They read voraciously. Did you know that the average American only reads one book a year? Worse than this is the fact that 60% of average Americans only get through the first chapter. Contrast this with the fact that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books a month. Even more impressive is that some of the most successful leaders throughout history were known to read one book every single day. Bottom line…If you’re a leader and not an avid reader, you’re wrong. – N2Growth Blog

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